Values and Approach

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We firmly believe in offering our investors innovative and socially responsible investment opportunities, with clear and balanced information.

Formed in 1994, Mill Group has built up a highly successful track record in establishing successful investment vehicles for residential, commercial and infrastructure projects.

The Group incorporates

  • Experienced FSA authorised and regulated investment manager
    • Successful investment of over £400 million within real estate and infrastructure, to date
    • Independent infrastructure asset manager
      • 1bn in social and local economic infrastructure
      • of which £250 million is in residential
      • Experienced in procuring pre-development, new build and secondary assets, with a total value in excess of £1.1 billion, to date
  • Developed for purpose residential asset manager

We have achieved this success by

  • Identifying and developing the opportunity
  • Creating the investment model and funds
  • Finding and looking after the assets
  • Providing real benefits for real people

Professionally Managing The Assets

Active management of residential assets is fundamental to achieving and maintaining the targeted returns our investors demand.

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