Residential Market

Residential Market

The global financial crisis forced investors to refocus on market fundamentals. They have been drawn to real estate as an asset class offering attractive income streams in a low yield environment, as well as providing diversification benefits within a multi-asset portfolio. 

Property’s potential to deliver inflation-linked income over the long-term makes it particularly attractive and the residential sector offers untapped potential for institutional investors.

Residential is under-represented in UK investors’ portfolios despite being a mainstream institutional investment sector in most advanced economies around the world.

Since 2000, residential property has outperformed UK equities, bonds and commercial property, despite the recession. In fact, over the last 100 years, residential property has consistently been one of the best-performing asset classes, despite the effects of market cycles.

Capital growth looks set to continue as demand for housing outstrips supply, with growing need for higher quality private rented accommodation from an increasingly mobile population.

This provides an excellent opportunity for institutional investors to participate in an asset class that has long-term potential to achieve their investment objectives.

Professionally Managing The Assets

Active management of residential assets is fundamental to achieving and maintaining the targeted returns our investors demand.

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